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Re: [tor-talk] torjail - run programs in tor network namespace

>> > "Tor", and not "TOR".
>> Is this list for capital punishment?
>> Or is this a community for freedom?
> This is a list for empowering each other and building a community and
> technology for helping those who are in need around the world. Please
> refer to our social contract [0], if there's any confusion. Please do
> not confuse spelling Tor, as requested, with someone who is very excited
> and yelling "TOR!" or maybe a heading on a slideshow saying "TOR
> This isn't about punishment, we're simply asking people follow the
> request of the community and people who build this community/technology
> and put their time, energy, and life into it.

Don't confuse community... extents of vagueness being group / individually / un
defined, bidirectionally voluntary, dynamic and of infinite global
breadth depth, etc...
with the exact legal corporate holder of trademark, its lawyers on retainer
filing "requests" for force, and its staff with paychecks in hand.

Most opensource projects have no trademark and don't much
bother or care what collection of symbols others refer to them as,
nor which ones others include in their own projects and names.

TOR TOr ToR tOR Tor tOr toR tor

This is a list of permutation... ;)

> [0]
> https://gitweb.torproject.org/community/policies.git/tree/
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