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Re: [tor-talk] torjail - run programs in tor network namespace

On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 01:44:36PM -0800, I wrote:
> > "Tor", and not "TOR".
> > --
> > With respect, 
> > Roman
> Is this list for capital punishment?
> Or is this a community for freedom?

This is a list for empowering each other and building a community and
technology for helping those who are in need around the world. Please
refer to our social contract [0], if there's any confusion. Please do
not confuse spelling Tor, as requested, with someone who is very excited
and yelling "TOR!" or maybe a heading on a slideshow saying "TOR

This isn't about punishment, we're simply asking people follow the
request of the community and people who build this community/technology
and put their time, energy, and life into it.

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