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Re: [tor-talk] How do tor users get past the recapacha and it's super short 2min exemption

>>> https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001992652-Privacy-Pass
> https://privacypass.github.io/

Opensource is good.

>>>>> they do make it easy for site operators to approve tor
>>>>> traffic in a more general way (by treating tor as a separate country in
>>>>> their whitelisting system).

> There are no default settings at the individual customer or site level to
> handle tor exit IP addresses differently than any other IP address.

The above two answers appear to be in conflict.

> JavaScript (to verify that the connection is from a human driven browser)

JS itself doesn't do that.

> cookies (to identify one user from another)

Cookies, from and restricted to the site itself, are fine, the user
can manage their sessions with the site.

> extension such as privacy pass

If reviews hold, and it never gets backdoored by whoever later on.

> If you can think of a way to differentiate good traffic vs abusive traffic
> without

Both good and bad can come from human and bot.
The list of three tech above does not address that.

In fact, there are no humans or computers evaluating, moderating,
or even terminating, any user metrics or content ongoing in depth
with a site anywhere in the list above. The list is just stupid low
effort uncreative kneejerk... captcha solved, or not. Pathetic.

Meanwhile the captcha's get solved (and coookies loaded,
JS interpreted, extensions calculated) and the fun continues.

And Tor users still have to (if not outright blocked) wade through
say up to 100 clicks over 10 puzzles, multiple resets over in some
cases, to in some cases still end up getting censored the ability
to simply READ the world's text. That's wrong...


In this and former threads some people suggested various other / more
effective and humane solutions than a dumb front door lock.
And there are some projects detailing others...

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