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Re: [tor-talk] torjail - run programs in tor network namespace

> Most open source projects have names, and their users have trust in
> those names. If a project cares about its users then it should try to
> protect its users from others that would seek to abuse that trust.
> Some examples of other open source projects:

3 operating systems, 2 of which use the same kernel env,
and one GUI most common to that kernel... does not make
a survey of most other opensource projects, let alone
of network comms apps. Any grand survey will show trademark
registration, enforcement... both as non things.

People shouldn't trust based on names anyways, because the
corporation, politicians, or people behind it eventually get
swapped out, corrupted, cheaped out, dead, whatever....
and the product goes to shit.... same trademark, shit product.
Sometimes even before then, the "infringing" competitive
product is better.
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