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Re: [tor-talk] stay clear from exit "BSDNow2016"

> What was the decision by the bad-relays@ list members? 

Like with multiple other emails, there was no reaction.

> Unfortunately,
> "Please avoid this
> exit node" is not a very good solution because recommending every user
> exclude one node does
> not scale to millions of users (unless Tor Browser ships this
> configuration, but that would be a sad
> path for Tor Browser). :/

I agree but I'm not in the position to do more about it than to 
send a bunch of emails. 
(and honestly I believe there are bigger issues
to take care of than this rerouting exit with a cw <20 )

Since you are a tor core member I believe
it should be fairly easy for you to get access 
to the relevant git repo, send a pre-notice to bad-relays@
and push it. I strongly doubt anyone would object it.


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