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Re: [tor-talk] Mozilla Research Grants 2019H1 - "Super Private Browsing"

> https://mozilla-research.forms.fm/mozilla-research-grants-2019h1/forms/6510
>> RQ12: Privacy & Security for Firefox 
>> Mozilla has an interest in
>> potentially integrating more of Tor into Firefox, for the purposes of
>> providing a Super Private Browsing (SPB) mode for our users. Tor
>> offers privacy and anonymity on the Web, features which are sorely
>> needed in the modern era of mass surveillance, tracking and
>> fingerprinting. However, enabling a large number of additional users
>> to make use of the Tor network requires solving for inefficiencies
>> currently present in Tor so as to make the protocol optimal to deploy
>> at scale. Academic research is just getting started with regards to
>> investigating alternative protocol architectures and route selection
>> protocols, such as Tor-over-QUIC, employing DTLS, and Walking Onions.
>> What alternative protocol architectures and route selection protocols
>> would offer acceptable gains in Tor performance? And would they
>> preserve Tor properties? Is it truly possible to deploy Tor at scale?
>> And what would the full integration of Tor and Firefox look like?

research grant goes to:

"Performance and Anonymity of HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 in Tor"
(Nikita Borisov,	University of Illinois)


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