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[tor-talk] Reviewing non-traditional methods to access Tor hidden services

Hi Tor-Talk,

My name is Hammas and I'll be starting my PhD at The University of Iowa
this fall. I've been recently working on the implications of visiting the
Tor hidden services through non-traditional methods; methods which do not
require the Tor browser or methods not endorsed by Tor itself.
Currently, the two non-traditional methods that I'm looking at are:
1) Various browser extensions which configure tor proxies in different ways
and allow people to access tor hidden services on regular browsers.
2) Tor2Web proxies which allow people to access a tor hidden service - by a
adding a suffix in front any onion domain - on a regular browser.

I'm trying to to look for differences - whether they be in terms of
injected HTML, different HTTP requests, varying headers etc. - when a user
visits these Tor hidden services through a regular Tor browser and when
they visit these services through the non-traditional methods.

As of now, these are the only two methods I'm aware of that people use to
access the Tor hidden services when they want to visit a service through
the comfort of their own browser. Are there any other methods that anyone
is aware of being used by people to visit Tor hidden services without the
Tor endorsed methods?

I've currently looked for these methods in context of Desktop browsers but
even if anyone has any leads related to any other method on any other
platform e.g mobile browsers, I'd be really thankful.

The current list of Proxies and extensions I'm using are:
Proxies (working):
1) Onion.pet
2) Onion.ws
3) Onion.nz
4) Onion.ly
5) Onion.market
6) Darkent.to

1) Tor Control – Anonymity layer
2) Onion browser button
3) Browse with onion
4) Onion VPN with speed control
5) dotOnion
7) Toroo Tor browser

If anyone knows of any other extensions/proxies that might be missing in
the list, please let me know!
Thanks for your time and help!

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