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Re: [tor-talk] I don't understand two things about the node "freja".

WHOIS data talks about the owners of the IP blocks, and while you can infer some information from that, what you cannot infer is the actual geographic location of devices actually living at those IP addresses (this is why GEOIP companies like Maxmind exist, to fill the gap of missing information).  So in this case, you are correct that RIPE says the - range is owned by ORG-HTPL1-RIPE which has a physical mailing address located in India, but that does not mean that the servers associated with that address block are actually physically located in India at all.  This happens all the time and is nothing remarkable.

Also, don't put too much credence in the reverse DNS entries associated with actual ISP routers - that information is commonly missing, outdated, or just flat out wrong.  Sure, some providers do a decent job populating useful tidbits in the reverse DNS, but many don't bother at all.


On 6/30/20 6:13 PM, sean_sullivan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have questions about the Tor node “freja”.

First, according to https://torstatus.rueckgr.at/, the node is at which is in Italy. Yet WHOIS says the addresses are in Pune, India. The last IP from a
‘traceroute’ is and is in ‘IT’
(Italy) which suggests that https://torstatus.rueckgr.at/ is correct.

Why would WHOIS inaccurately (I think) say the IP is in India?

Second, according to https://torstatus.rueckgr.at/, “freja” is not an exit
node. But if you use...

StrictNodes 1
ExitNodes freja

...then TBB will load the purple introductory screen “Explore. Privately.”
(I tried with other non-exit nodes and TBB typically gets stuck on
“Requesting Relay Information” and never loads the purple screen).

However, then “freja” will not load any pages.

So if it’s not an exit node, why does the introductory screen load?


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