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Re: [tor-talk] Using a Solid Tor Configuration

On 07/23/2020 08:36 AM, conser@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi all,
> I would like to setup a solid Tor configuration in the States. I get a lot
> of harassment from corrupted law enforcement and nosy corporations. My
> goal is to keep my online activity private, but it appears Tor isn't doing
> that at all.
> Should I use Linux or Windows with Tor and how do I make it work well
> enough to stop these kind of attackers?

The simplest approach is using Whonix. There are two Linux virtual
machines. The gateway VM just runs the Tor process, and the workstation
VM runs Tor browser and other apps. The workstation VM has no network
connectivity except via Tor, and so malware can't bypass Tor.

It's easy enough to run Whonix in Virtualbox on Linux. And you could
even use Virtualbox on Windows, although I don't recommend that. Using
Whonix in Qubes is more secure, but not so easy.

I recommend using Whonix through VPN services, because it hides Tor use
from your ISP. It would also protect somewhat against malicious entry
guards, and from circuit deanonymization. Better yet is using Tor
through nested VPN chains, because that prevents any individual VPN
service from linking you and your entry guards.

> Thanks in advance for your help.
> --Conser
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