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Re: [tor-talk] Idea for a stand-alone browser based on Tor browser source code

both (FF,Brave) are by default installation not designed for real privacy protection e.g:

looking at TB design , there are tons of work done to turn FF fork to what you have now:


Brave just worst than even FF vanilla e.g:



So to have a TB without Tor focusing on just security and clearnet privacy (without anonymity) from the first run by default its great idea.

Jason Evans:

On 7/7/20 9:12 PM, joel04g_t535e@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Tor browser has good defense against many tracking techniques, however,
internet users may want a way to browse the web without anonymity but with
some of the great features Tor browser provides. (Security Level,
Noscript, Isolate trackers, Anti Fingerprinting, etc)

First of all, why not use Brave or Firefox for your non-Tor required needs?

Secondly, you can turn off Tor in Tor Browser. See here:


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