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Re: [tor-talk] Idea for a stand-alone browser based on Tor browser source code

> Tor browser has good defense against many tracking techniques, however,
> internet users may want a way to browse the web without anonymity but with
> some of the great features Tor browser provides. (Security Level,
> Noscript, Isolate trackers, Anti Fingerprinting, etc)
> Some reasons users may want a browser like this include:
> ~Accessing websites that don't like Tor users
> ~Streaming without latency
> ~Doing online banking (Tor could create suspicion of a possible hack
> attempt and block or hassle users)
> ~An easy and hassle free browser for users who really don't like latency
> or with bad internet
> I believe a stand-alone browser with onion routing removed but based on
> the same code Tor browser uses could be useful to many internet users. I'd
> love to hear everyone's thoughts on this!

My understanding is that this already exists; it's called SecBrowser and
it's part of Kicksecure.  Based on briefly glancing at the source code,
I *think* it's basically a clever wrapper script that uses a bunch of
environment variables to customize the official Tor Browser binaries'

More info here:

The usual warnings about "this isn't endorsed by The Tor Project" apply.

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