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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Issue

On 7/9/20 8:35 AM, disrupt_the_flow wrote:

Στις 9 Ιουλίου 2020 3:02:32 μ.μ. EEST, ο/η Rodrigo Fachada <acolheitade60@xxxxxxxxx> έγραψε:

My name is João and I'm in need of guidance with an issue with Tor

Sometimes that window doesn't even open, other times I don't get a
to click the options.

I have no anti-virus other than Windows defender and I looked online
answers and found none corresponding to this issue.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

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Maybe Windows Security is blocking it for whatever reason. Probably a false positive. Try adding TBB as an exclusion by going Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security. Then under Virus & threat protection settings click on Manage settings. Under Exclusions  select Add or remove exclusions. Now select the proper folders or process or anything.
Source https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security
You don't say which Windows version, which Tor Browser (TBB) version,
what country (unless mentioning your country could be dangerous - that
all might be important.
I haven't used Windows in a long time, but there may be logged data
showing the events of trying to install TBB, or it not being allowed
internet access.

"Disrupt-the-flow's" right.  Try disabling the Windows AV & possibly its
Firewall - long enough to test accessing internet.
When you installed TBB, it never got past the point of asking how you
connect to the internet?

Also, you can verify the checksum of the downloaded package (unless this
was an upgrade of already installed TBB).  I don't see checksums listed
on the Tor Project download page or on individual platform pages.

All I saw was a mention in
https://tb-manual.torproject.org/downloading/, in "GetTor is a service"
section, if you use that, it will include the checksum for your TBB version.

Now days, DON'T download "free" software from almost ANY site, unless
you thoroughly check the site's & software package's (current)
reputation.  Many download sites or the developers' add "extras" to
software that unsuspecting users REALLY don't want. That's not just my

Or you could try D/L TBB again & check the bytes in each package or use
a free utility to calculate the checksum of each package. Windows may
have a builtin checksum utility.  If not, Here's a Microsoft download
center checksum utility:
NOTE: USING CHECKSUMS only verifies there were no download errors.

To verify that no one tampered w/ a package on a server, you must verify
the "authenticity" of packages you download are identical to the
developers' final version.
See this for simple how to:

Make sure you got the correct TBB version for your Windows OS - 32 or
In the old days, Windows kept a "system log" of events.  I think they
called it Event Viewer or Event Log, etc. (ask / search or look for
posts on a windows / computer forum about that type of log).

In the past, it would've shown an application failing to start or not
allowed internet access & almost anything - good or bad, that went on. 
Sometimes the messages are confusing, didn't give names of applications.
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