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Re: Vidalia

Yes, Ringo, I also wonder why it suddenly changed. I
never saw any discussion either.

In my opinion Vidalia has too many bugs to be released
in a package that is supposed to be stable. If the
developers want to include an unstable program like
Vidalia 0.0.4, they should clearly call the
tor-vidalia-bundle beta, or something more honest than

I immediately went back to using TorCP, as it is
stable and predictable.

Vidalia messed up me server settings, and my comments
I had made in the torrc file.

Vidalia has the potential to become a good program,
but the decicion to include an unstable release of
Vidalia together with a stable release of TOR wasn't
very smart, in my opinion.

I would appreciate it if the developers continued to
include TorCP in the bundle, until there is a stable
Vidalia release where known bugs have been fixed.

Also, it would be good to know why a GUI to TOR is
called Vidalia? Where is the connection between the
names? Why was Vidalia chosen as name? My opinion is
that the name of a GUI should be related to the name
of the main program. But maybe Vidalia is just a
temporary GUI, and therefore the good names are saved
for future GUI releases?

Sorry for complaining, I'm doing it so the developers
of TOR and Vidalia can make better programs. ;-)

Thanks for creating TOR!

--- Ringo Kamens <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I was just wondering when we switched from the old
> torcp to vidalia. I
> didn't really see any discussion about it.
> Ringo Kamens

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