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Re2: Vidalia

Thanks Roger for the answers.

There was another bug or missing feature with Vidalia
that I didn't mention. When I change the settings in
the torrc file, how do I get Tor to reload the
settings, without having to shut down Tor and/or
Vidalia? TorCP had a way to reload the settings
without shutting down and restarting Tor.
I guess this feature will come in a future Vidalia

> How's this for a fix: when Tor writes the new torrc
> file, if it's
> replacing an old non-autogenerated torrc, it should
> include a comment
> at the top of the new torrc to go look for the
> ".orig" file if you want
> the old one. Would that have helped to resolve your
> issue?

Yes, It would have helped to know that Tor made a
backup, and what the file name was of the backup copy.
(But I already made my own backup copy before
installing the Vidalia bundle, so it wasn't a big

> More generally, we definitely need to work on
> usability for servers. It
> is still not easy to run a single Tor as both client
> and server, for
> example because the rate limiting kicks in equally
> for both. That's on
> my plate for the 0.1.2 release.

This is true. But the worst thing for an ADSL user is
that there is no outgoing rate limit, only incoming.
Which means that an ADSL user with a small outgoing
bandwith can't have a directory server as it uses the
full outgoing bandwith, or can't really stop normal
Tor usage from using to much outgoing bandwith (which
causes problems for other internet programs, but only

Thanks for making a good program!

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