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Re: Tor Leaking

On 6/14/06, maillist <maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This leaking can also be stopped by configuring a Linux router which
runs Tor, transparently route outgoing tcp-traffic to Tor and drop
_everything_ else.

and transparently proxy DNS to plug leaks and make .onion & .exit work as expected.

I think there should be more documentation about setting up transparent
Tor router with Squid. When I did that I found out that those documents
are missing some very important points that brokes transparent routing etc.

i'll have some technical detail as well as a mastering tools / scripts for this purpose in the next day or so (linux specific). long overdue, but better late than never...

i like this method of using Tor best myself since it either gets
resolved and rerouted through Tor or it is dropped.  there is never
any questions about weird ports / apps / DNS leaks, aside from the
large and pressing concerns of application leakage above the transport

best regards,