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Tor Leaking

I came across a privacy blog that says even when you
set up Tor correctly it still leaks sometimes. It says

And you Thought you were Safe!?You?ve installed that
proxy chain. You've shooed away the two Jays?those
attractive, brightly coloured birds that prove just
that little bit too inquisitive for comfort. You?ve
done everything correctly?by the book. So you call up
your favourite search engine, enter your favourite
topic, and soon you?re clicking away on one link after
another, sure in the knowledge that Big Brother
doesn?t know what sites you?re visiting. Right? ?
Wrong! Some of those clicks will be putting a smile on
Big Brother?s face. And no need to feel so smug, all
you Tor users?yes, we mean you too! 

It's at www.nearlyperfectprivacy.blogspot.com. They
are not against Tor as they?re running a campaign
supporting it and they seem to know a lot about
privacy.  I had a look through the archives and the
Wiki and I can't find anything that would cause Tor to
just leak sometimes.  If you've done it by the book
then that would be with Privoxy so I thought there
would be no DNS leakage.  If you have turned off Java
and Javascript as they say they I thought you'd be
okay apart from the sort of attack where someone looks
at both ends of the line.  They seem to be saying that
DNS leaks sometimes but not always.  But if Tor wasn't
set up properly then it would leak all the time.  Am I
missing something.

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