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Re: Tor Leaking

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This leaking can also be stopped by configuring a Linux router which
runs Tor, transparently route outgoing tcp-traffic to Tor and drop
_everything_ else.

I think there should be more documentation about setting up transparent
Tor router with Squid. When I did that I found out that those documents
are missing some very important points that brokes transparent routing etc.


Ringo Kamens wrote:
> As long as you use the default configuration and set your browser to use a
> HTTP proxy, then DNS leaks shouldn't be a problem. The problem occurs when
> you tell programs to use tor as a socks proxy and they decide to resolve
> their own DNS names. If you block DNS resolving with your firewall the
> program might try to resolve the DNS name through tor. If you route a
> program through freecap it shouldn't be a problem. DNS leaking was more
> of a
> problem in the past and if tor is passed an IP address (which is a sign
> of a
> DNS leak) it will warn you.
> Ringo
> On 6/14/06, Simon Callow <simoncallow68@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I came across a privacy blog that says even when you
>> set up Tor correctly it still leaks sometimes. It says
>> And you Thought you were Safe!—You've installed that
>> proxy chain. You've shooed away the two Jays—those
>> attractive, brightly coloured birds that prove just
>> that little bit too inquisitive for comfort. You've
>> done everything correctly—by the book. So you call up
>> your favourite search engine, enter your favourite
>> topic, and soon you're clicking away on one link after
>> another, sure in the knowledge that Big Brother
>> doesn't know what sites you're visiting. Right? …
>> Wrong! Some of those clicks will be putting a smile on
>> Big Brother's face. And no need to feel so smug, all
>> you Tor users—yes, we mean you too!
>> It's at www.nearlyperfectprivacy.blogspot.com. They
>> are not against Tor as they're running a campaign
>> supporting it and they seem to know a lot about
>> privacy.  I had a look through the archives and the
>> Wiki and I can't find anything that would cause Tor to
>> just leak sometimes.  If you've done it by the book
>> then that would be with Privoxy so I thought there
>> would be no DNS leakage.  If you have turned off Java
>> and Javascript as they say they I thought you'd be
>> okay apart from the sort of attack where someone looks
>> at both ends of the line.  They seem to be saying that
>> DNS leaks sometimes but not always.  But if Tor wasn't
>> set up properly then it would leak all the time.  Am I
>> missing something.
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