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Re: Vidalia

Well, quite frankly you shouldn't. I would be just another opinion to consider. In all honesty, if vidalia was a backdoor for the feds, I would certainly be silenced or forced to say that it was clean. I'm doing it for my own personal security, and you can do with my review what you want.

On 6/1/06, Anothony Georgeo <anogeorgeo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

--- Ringo Kamens <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have to say that the torcp doesn't seem at all
> unstable in the windows xp home service pack one
> world. Despite reassurances, I still have doubts
> about the true intentions of vidalia...[snip]...I
> will personally audit the source code for this to
> satisfy my paranoia and I'll report back.
> Ringo

Did you not read Rogers's sentence?
"The TorCP developers stopped working on it months ago
and started Vidalia instead."

I trust Vidalia mainly because I trust the Tor people
(eg. Roger, Nick, et. alla.) and they included it in
the bundle.

BTW, (I'm not trying to be arugumentative) why should
we trust you (and your review of the source) more than
the authors of Vidalia and the recommendation of the
Tor team?

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