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Re: Vidalia

Alright, I've gone over the source using the little knowledge I have about C*. For all the paranoid people on the list, it doesn't seem to have any backdoors for the feds unless they are called stenographically. I'm sorry that my message came across the wrong way, I completely support a new tor gui and I was (reasonably) suspicious about it. Great job with vidalia.

On 6/1/06, Anothony Georgeo <anogeorgeo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Matt,

Thanks for the clarification and the efforts both of
you have put forth to create TorCP and Vidalia; good

Without going too far off-topic I have a question
about configuring the torrc when Vidalia is installed.

Say I have 'torrc' and 'torrc.orig.1' and I need to
add "Address" or "AccountingMax"; would I add these to
the torrc.orig.1 or the new torrc?

It seems I could add them to the torrc as the torrc
has my Bandwith config settings which are not removed
when I re-configure Vidalia.

Or, when Tor exicutes SETCONF (after Vidalia's 'save'
button is clicked) is the torrc.orig.1 file re-parsed
by Tor and then copied into the torrc along with the
settings made via. Vidalia?

The reason I ask is the comments in the torrc imply it
should not be manually edited.

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