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Re: Vidalia

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the clarification and the efforts both of
you have put forth to create TorCP and Vidalia; good

Without going too far off-topic I have a question
about configuring the torrc when Vidalia is installed.

Say I have 'torrc' and 'torrc.orig.1' and I need to
add "Address" or "AccountingMax"; would I add these to
the torrc.orig.1 or the new torrc?

It seems I could add them to the torrc as the torrc
has my Bandwith config settings which are not removed
when I re-configure Vidalia. 

Or, when Tor exicutes SETCONF (after Vidalia's 'save'
button is clicked) is the torrc.orig.1 file re-parsed
by Tor and then copied into the torrc along with the
settings made via. Vidalia? 

The reason I ask is the comments in the torrc imply it
should not be manually edited.

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