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Re: Vidalia

--- Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> > The reason I ask is the comments in the torrc
> > imply it should not be manually edited.
> What comments imply this? Can you help us fix the
> wording?
> --Roger

IMO these comments at the top of the torrc file imply
the torrc should not be manually edited:

This file was generated by Tor; if you edit it,
comments will not be preserved.  

If you want a config file with comments, look for
torrc.orig.1 or similar

For example, the sentence "...if you edit it, comments
will not be preserved." seems to imply that each time
Vidalia is configured the settings in the torrc are
wiped and a new ones are added. Thus removing any
end-user added comments and/or settings(-I know this
is not the case-).  

The senctence "If you want a config file with
comments, look for torrc.orig.1 or similar" seems to
imply an end-user should edit the 'torrc.orig.%' if
they wish to add comments and/or commands.  

The first sentence says end-user added comments will
not be retained in the torrc.  The second sentence
says an end-user should look in 'torrc.orig.%' for
comments.  This seems to imply comments/commands
should be added to the 'torrc.orig.%' as they are not
preserved in the torrc.

Overall, I think most of the confusion comes from the
vaugeness of the comments in the new torrc.  Also,
many end-users are not fimilar or comfortable with a
concept as simple as comments(#).    

I humbly suggest something along these lines:

This is an autogenerated file created by Tor when you
update and save settings from within Vidalia.  The
original, non-autogenerated torrc has been renamed to

The settings from 'torrc.orig.%' have been imported
into this new 'torrc' file.  If you wish to manually
add/edit Tor settings please do so from within this
file.  Do not add comments(#) to this file as they are
not retained, only settings are retained by this file.

If you wish to read the original, non-autogenerated
torrc file please see 'torrc.orig.%'.

Is this helpfull?

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