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Re: FW: [Full-disclosure] Tool Release - Tor Blocker

On 6/3/06, 4non ym0us <nospam.anonymous@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If your machine is listening on a public IP, and can be "hacked" on a
> completely valid TCP connection (which is the only kind TOR allows --
> leaving out most of the tricks "hackers" use), then you've got bigger
> problems then tor.

I doubt most administrators care about the difference. The concern
would be if such a module becomes a standard part of most servers, it
would effectively take all static IP TOR routers out of the web and
subsequently affecting the desirability of using TOR, wouldn't it?

I can't wait until IPv6 finally becomes widespread.

On another note, Tor is big and getting bigger.  Plus there are a
number of Tor nodes that are on dynamic IPs.  Blocking them all is
going to become more and more painful.