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Tor GUI competition award at SOUPS in 2 weeks?


The SOUPS convention is only 2 weeks away (July 12-14)
which means the winner of the Tor GUI contest will be
revealed soon (YEA!).  

When will the winner of the GUI contest be revealed to
the or-talk mailing list?  When could we expect a Tor
bundle with the winning GUI to be ready for end-users?

I am also curious as to why the 'April 3rd Team' is
not mentioned on the 'Phase Two:' section of your
Wiki?  Are they not going to implement there design

I am looking forward to learning who the winner is and
testing their GUI :-) .  

So far, IMO 'Vidalia' is at the head of the crowd but
I am not a judge, only an patiently waiting end-user.

Thank you,

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