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Re: Tor,security and web-usability

On 13/06/2006 02:56, abacus.01@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have not found the appropriate way to quickly kill Flash, neither in Firefox 

Hi Abacus, have you tried the Firefox extension Flashblock?

> if I want to create an email-account with any of the big free webbased mail-services I know, I HAVE to switch Java and Javascript on,

I remember using gmail with lynx, try it for setting up an account and
let us know.

> Finally, if I go to pages like http://gemal.dk/browserspy/, I could really get paranoid or despair of security. 

Web browsing really is a trade-off between security and convenience. See
this message on the list:  "Threats to anonymity set at and above the
application layer; HTTP headers"