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Re: Good reason for using Tor/Privoxy

Don't render html or load remote images in client software, otherwise
you are just asking for trouble :-D

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Freemor wrote:
> Hi all, 
>    came across this little Gem while reading the fine print on a mailing
> from my ISP
>    "... including the use of web beacons in HTML-based email."
> In the mailing "web beacons" was linked to:
>  http://privacy.yahoo.com/privacy/ca/pixels/details.html
> Seem Yahoo has decided to be evil and use WebBugs to track movements all
> over the place. I've been poking around and they are certainly going out
> of their way to make it difficult to block the pesky little things that
> they use on their websites (lots of different file names, in proper size
> specified to bypass thing that would look for a size of 1x1, etc.). So
> if you friends/family/colleagues even question Why Tor/Privoxy here is a
> shining example of why they are important. 
> BTW their "opt-out" option isn't worth the bits that make it up as all
> they do is set a cookie (yeah.. o.k. I'll let you set permanent cookies
> so you wont track me with the webbugs. Do they think I'm that foolish?
> <sigh>). Sadly many people will probably miss that it is just a cookie,
> very correctly flush their cookies and (oops...) opt back in.
> Anyways, Just figured that this tidbit would be of interest to some
> here. 
> Take Care,
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