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Re: Any Windows SMTP servers that can work with Socks/TOR?

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i really don't understand how you are getting traffic on port 25 to
transport via tor, it's disallowed by default. if you are talking about
using a webmail service to send your mail via the webmail plugin via tor
then that has nothing to do with it of course.

4non ym0us wrote:
> On 6/16/06, glymr <glymr_darkmoon@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> problems with hotmail for this), and set thunderbird to use tor as a
>> proxy. i think that is an acceptable work-around for the terrible
>> problems of doing your own email, and it bypasses the problem you'll
>> have not thought of about tor that is that you can't send anything in or
>> out on the smtp port with tor.
> Thanks a lot Glymr for leading me to the solution I need, junking my
> current email client for Thunderbird :D
> Once I got Thunderbird to use Privoxy for Socks and go through TOR,
> that solved the problem. I'm using my own domain name/web server so
> the problem of having them free webmail track me isn't an issue.
> I'm not sure why you said I cannot send anything in/out on the SMTP
> port with Tor because it worked for me.
> Now I just need to get around to setting up a dedicated box to run Tor
> instead of having it on this Windows machine :D
> Thanks again!
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