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Good reason for using Tor/Privoxy

Hi all, 

   came across this little Gem while reading the fine print on a mailing
from my ISP
   "... including the use of web beacons in HTML-based email."

In the mailing "web beacons" was linked to:


Seem Yahoo has decided to be evil and use WebBugs to track movements all
over the place. I've been poking around and they are certainly going out
of their way to make it difficult to block the pesky little things that
they use on their websites (lots of different file names, in proper size
specified to bypass thing that would look for a size of 1x1, etc.). So
if you friends/family/colleagues even question Why Tor/Privoxy here is a
shining example of why they are important. 

BTW their "opt-out" option isn't worth the bits that make it up as all
they do is set a cookie (yeah.. o.k. I'll let you set permanent cookies
so you wont track me with the webbugs. Do they think I'm that foolish?
<sigh>). Sadly many people will probably miss that it is just a cookie,
very correctly flush their cookies and (oops...) opt back in.

Anyways, Just figured that this tidbit would be of interest to some

Take Care,


Freemor <freemor@xxxxxxxx>
Freemor <freemor@xxxxxxxxxx>

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