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Re: Firefox extensions and anonymity, TOR etc

force44@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> About Vidalia: There is still the PGP bug 
> http://trac.vidalia-project.net/ticket/35
> It is maybe right that the problem doesn't come from Vidalia
> directly, but having to chose between PGP and Vidalia, well...

I don't use Vidalia (I thought about it, but ATM the dependency on
QT4 is a big show stopper) and don't know what the PGP problem is
all about, but you could always ditch PGP and use GPG instead.

> A BIG thank you to Robert Schade for his great TOR nodes map! Very
> interesting, and it makes me ask a question: 
> I see a node in Saudia Arabia. Some nodes in China.. and even a node
> in Iran! These countries strongly control the internet. How is it
> possible to believe, that these nodes are not some kind of
> honeypots ?! And for this, it would be great to be able to easily
> decide to not use some TOR nodes.

How is it possible to believe that those country wouldn't
run their "honeypots" from someplace else where they get
less attention.


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