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Firefox extensions and anonymity, TOR etc

> Ringo Kamens <2600denver@xxxxxxxxx>
> For non-script email, you could use safe-mail.net

Yes, but safe-mail.net requires JS enabled at least to connect the first time into your account. The default safe-mail template is using JS, and to change to the "No script template", you must click on button that is enabled only if JS is enabled! I asked the safe-mail team to change this a few months ago, and hope it will be done.

There are anyway a lot of free mail services (but for sure not secure as safe-mail is) that allow to open mailboxes without using JS, java or anything else.

And we can always open a mailbox for example at Yahoo, WITH JS enabled, from a wifi public and free place, conecting with a notebook and a spoofed MAC address, through TOR of course. Then we check the mailbox with NO JS, yahoo allows this!

> Jan Reister <Jan.Reister@xxxxxxxx>
> Hi Abacus, have you tried the Firefox extension Flashblock?
> http://flashblock.mozdev.org/

Well, I just installed it, and guess what? In the config box, I read "Javascript must be enabled for FlashBlock to work" !!!
Uninstalled it... IMO better is to have Flash than JS enabled!

About Vidalia: There is still the PGP bug 
It is maybe right that the problem doesn't come from Vidalia directly, but having to chose between PGP and Vidalia, well...

I am still using TorCP, but in fact I wonder what's the advantage to use TorCP, or Vidalia, rather than simply the TOR program. During normal using, I never use any of the TorCP feature. What would be VERY great is the ability to easily put some TOR nodes (by IP, name or country!) in a personal black list, but as far as I know, no interface allows it simply.

Maybe the April3rd TOR project (http://www.april3rd.com/tor/) will allow this? :)

A BIG thank you to Robert Schade for his great TOR nodes map! Very interesting, and it makes me ask a question: 

I see a node in Saudia Arabia. Some nodes in China.. and even a node in Iran! These countries strongly control the internet. How is it possible to believe, that these nodes are not some kind of honeypots ?! And for this, it would be great to be able to easily decide to not use some TOR nodes.