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Re: Firefox extensions and anonymity, TOR etc


On 13.06.2006/14:54, you wrote:

> I see a node in Saudia Arabia. Some nodes in China.. and even a node
>  in Iran! These countries strongly control the internet. How is it 
> possible to believe, that these nodes are not some kind of honeypots
>  ?!

I can only say, that i have used a Chinese Tor Exit Node on the occasion
of the anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre and the RSF messages
about the blocking of google.com and sites like www.epochtimes.com,
www.hrichina.org and chinadigitaltimes.net. I wasn't able to access
these sites, but google.com, indeed without success with a search for
"Falung Gong". I don't believe, that all Chinese Tor Nodes are
governmental honeypots, but that their requests are blocked anywhere
inside the "great firewall" of China.

> And for this, it would be great to be able to easily decide to not 
> use some TOR nodes.


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