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Re[2]: Firefox extensions and anonymity, TOR etc

>> I  see  a  node  in Saudia Arabia. Some nodes in China.. and 
>> even a node in Iran! These countries strongly control the 
>> internet. How is it  possible  to  believe,  that  these  nodes
>> are not some kind of honeypots  ?!  And for this, it would be 
>> great to be able to easily decide to not use some TOR nodes.

> Fabian Keil <freebsd-listen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> How  is it possible to believe that those country wouldn't run their "honeypots" from someplace else where they get less attention.

Of  course  of course... But in a country like Iran where ALL internet access  are  hardly monitored and filtered, where clients have to show their  ID  to  enter an internet cafe and where all their data will be recorded, I would like to understand how a TOR node can be run, unless it receives the clearance of the administration!

Any explaination?