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Re: Any Windows SMTP servers that can work with Socks/TOR?

On Fri, Jun 16, 2006 at 09:42:01PM +1000, glymr wrote:

> well, the problem of not being able to anonymise it without doing

Anonymous, as in one-time webmail accounts? It might help to
conceal your sender IP, but the only way to make sure is
to use an internet cafe both for signing up, and sending mail,
frequenting a different one each time you do this, which is a 
bit inconvenient.

> umpteen crypting things and using those anon remailers etc (the email

If you use anonymous remailers for important mail, you should not
be using anonymous remailers for important mail. Your recipient will
most likely not see it.

> equivalent of tor). using tor and webmail is much simpler, and the
> webmail plugin lets you use it transparently in thunderbird.

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