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Re: All authorities have failed. Not trying any.

Roger Dingledine @ 2007/05/31 15:35:
> On Thu, May 31, 2007 at 03:32:37PM -0700, scar wrote:
>> while Tor is still able to build circuits, it doesn't seem to be
>> able to download updated lists of routers.  then, after several days,
>> there is no way for Tor to build circuits.  is this related to the
>> __AllDirActionsPrivate setting? related to the activity of the system
>> (that is, that it gets put into standby and has intermittent internet
>> access)?
> We told you that setting __AllDirActionsPrivate would do that if you
> don't provide some external mechanism for inserting descriptors yourself.
> You're welcome to try setting it anyway, but if it breaks, you get to
> keep both pieces. :)
> If you figure out what the issue is and have a patch, great. Otherwise,
> I'll just continue saying that it's not recommended.
> Good luck,
> --Roger

my understanding was that all directory actions/requests would be private, that is, via Tor (using https).  and Tor would continue to work normally.  are you saying this setting is more like disabling directory requests?  my first exposure to this setting was back in Nov 2006[1].  John wrote:

"So the initial burst of cleartext directory requests can't be avoided, but at least the subsequent updates are tunneled through Tor."

but the subsequent updates are not happening.  was John misspeaking?  do we need to use "HttpProxy"?  or is there no way yet to actually tunnel the subsequent directory requests through Tor, once an initial burst of cleartext directory requests has been made?


1. http://archives.seul.org/or/talk/Nov-2006/msg00220.html

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