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Re: What will happen to Tor after the new German data retention law takes effect?

Thus spake Freemor (freemor@xxxxxxxx):

>    anyways just thoughts in the wind.. I'm sure the Tor Devs are
> probably gnashing teeth and pulling hair as a hundred reasons why it's a
> bad idea stream through their minds.

Code moves faster than law. No need to panic, or speculate on
technical solutions before a law is even passed. If the powers that be
are this intent on exemplifying their stupidity and pointlessly
wasting their resources on excuses to justify flawed totalitarianism
instead of addressing real problems, we should let them. We will have
plenty of time to adapt once the law is passed.

Right now, the proper avenue is well-articulated political opposition.
On a technical perspective we should be lazy with this one. It will
work to our advantage. Plus, I can't believe such measures don't run
against basic human rights and constitutional protections revolving
around search & seizure and presumed innocence. But I am constantly
surprised by the williness of my own country to shred the spirit if
not the letter of its own constitution as soon as technology comes
into consideration.. and even before that point.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs

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