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Re: What will happen to Tor after the new German data retention law takes effect?

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Ringo Kamens wrote:
> Yeah, and they certainly should get involved with this, although I'm
> not sure how. This is a dark day for germany. I keep hearing the word
> draft being thrown around, so I'm guessing this isn't law yet.

Exactly, it is no law yet.

> Has the
> time for public comment ended? Which german officials can/do stand in
> the way of this becoming law? 

Well, the term "public comment" does not really apply to Germany. Most
of the talks and discussions that mattered were held without the general
public taking part (or being invited and/or allowed). The biggest issue
in the hearings was that some very large telcos are actually in favour
of the law (esp. DT). Many smaller telco companies wont survive the law
being passed.
The majority of the parliament and the "Bundesrat" (Senate kinda) are in
favour of the law. Only discussion today is how bad it will become and
when it comes into effect.

> We can get an advocacy campaign running
> fairly quickly with letters, phone calls, and the whole deal. This is
> a big issue that could warrant street protests and I'll personally
> make a visit to my german consulate if there's one within 100 miles of
> me. If anybody is interested in such a campaign, please email me off
> list to keep traffic down.

Thank you for wanting to fight for the liberty of Germans.
There is a project that is very active in that area and needs support:
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