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Re: What will happen to Tor after the new German data retention law takes effect?


Expect crickets. The fines will be 500,000 Euro + 2 years prison for
disobeying, I've heard. Pretty outrageous, considering Germany is such a
strong proponent for privacy.

XeroBank has a solution we are hoping we won't have to implement, but it
will allow Tor nodes to continue to operate in Germany.

Steve Topletz

JT wrote:
> Under the proposed new data retention law which will take effect 01/2008
> anonymizing services will be either banned or tor server operators will
> be required to log data which would render the tor software useless as
> an anonymizing tool.
> Other European countries will surely follow once the law is in effect.
> If all European Tor nodes stop to operate will tor still be useful only
> using American and Asian nodes? Will European users be allowed to
> connect to the Tor network or will that already be a criminal act?
> Anybody knows?