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Re: What will happen to Tor after the new German data retention law takes effect?

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I try to log as little as I can and use encrypted partition for logging.
Tor logs are also shredded on every stop /  start.


Ringo Kamens wrote:
> Perhaps there should be some type of flag the logging server can set
> in their information so users can block them or tor can know to only
> use one in each circuit.
> Comrade Ringo Kamens
> On 6/14/07, Eugen Leitl <eugen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 01:23:30AM -0700, JT wrote:
>> > Under the proposed new data retention law which will take effect
>> 01/2008
>> > anonymizing services will be either banned or tor server operators will
>> > be required to log data which would render the tor software useless as
>> Just connection data, not routed data. Rather useless, unless you have
>> all logs from all nodes in the mix cascade, and captured the terminating
>> stream from an exit server in cleartext.
>> I also question how much this is problem in practice. In practice I
>> was only a frequent guest at the local police station when I ran an
>> exit. All investigation were directly complaint-driven.
>> I can imagine someone knocking on my door, because somebody with
>> an exit in Germany, or a collaborating country (even in the EU
>> this is not obvious, for petty crime cases) which logs shows logs
>> that lead to my middleman.
>> I'd think this is rare, but I'd still wish people who ran a
>> logging exit point in Germany who read this would stop, or switch
>> to middleman.
>> > an anonymizing tool.
>> >
>> > Other European countries will surely follow once the law is in effect.
>> >
>> > If all European Tor nodes stop to operate will tor still be useful only
>> > using American and Asian nodes? Will European users be allowed to
>> > connect to the Tor network or will that already be a criminal act?
>> > Anybody knows?
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