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Cisco firewall filtering Tor?

I'm stuck behind a FascistFirewall part of the day, and I've been
trying to get Tor to work as a client. I've added a line to my torrc:

ReachableAddresses *:443

Oddly, I can see that Skype is using TCP connections on port 443. I
can't tell if they're working, but Skype is keeping them up (and Skype
as a whole seems to be working).

Tor, on the other hand, is not working. netstat shows established
connections on port 443, but Tor doesn't seem to be accepting them as
usable. I have debug logging on, but I'm not sure what to look for,
since it seems to be trying to create circuits in parallel. Is there a
message printed when a OR connection fails, giving a reason?

Is it possible the firewall is looking at the :443 connections and
somehow telling that it's Tor rather than HTTPS?