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Re: Cisco firewall filtering Tor?

Tor is very easy to block. Maybe your fascist firewall admins block the
Tor directory servers?
Without the information from them, your client doesn't know how to
connect to Tor servers/nodes, making it impossible for you to connect to
the Tor network.

Maybe you should check if you can reach Tor's hard coded authoritative
directory server IPs? (Moria, lefkada, dizum and tor26)


Jay Goodman Tamboli skrev:
> I'm stuck behind a FascistFirewall part of the day, and I've been
> trying to get Tor to work as a client. I've added a line to my torrc:
> ReachableAddresses *:443
> Oddly, I can see that Skype is using TCP connections on port 443. I
> can't tell if they're working, but Skype is keeping them up (and Skype
> as a whole seems to be working).
> Tor, on the other hand, is not working. netstat shows established
> connections on port 443, but Tor doesn't seem to be accepting them as
> usable. I have debug logging on, but I'm not sure what to look for,
> since it seems to be trying to create circuits in parallel. Is there a
> message printed when a OR connection fails, giving a reason?
> Is it possible the firewall is looking at the :443 connections and
> somehow telling that it's Tor rather than HTTPS?
> /jgt