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Re: Strange behaviour of Tor Alpha & vidalia 0.0.12


I also have similar incompatibility between tor 0202alpha and vidalia 0012.
Vidalia is not updated to work with tor 0202alpha.

Did you notice that vidalia creates a new torrc file in it's own folder?
Did you edit the settings in that file, or in the old torrc place under
documents and settings? With newer versions of vidalia, the old torrc
file isn't used anymore.

It works for me if I edit the settings in the torrc in the vidalia
folder. Vidalia doesn't overwrite them if I set them in that torrc file
directly, without using the vidalia settings menu.

RelayBandwidth settings work very well on my computer. I also set the
normal bandwidth settings to restrict my own tor usage, otherwise I get
huge bandwidth "spikes".


Matthieu Dalissier skrev:
> Hi guys
> I, i just changed my two Servers RMLAnonSrv1 and RMLAnonSrv2 from
> to Alpha and noticed some strange behaviour.
> I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, these could
> also be vidalia bugs.
> Case1:
>    In case of a bandwidth upgrade from my ISP i had to restart my two
> cablemodems and therefore also my Tor's. Then i saw in the logs that
> that they didn't update their IP         address to solve the problem
> i clicked the update button in vidalia which showed me my updated IP.
>    But, after i saved, it wasn't written in the config, even if i
> edited it manually, saved the file and restarted tor & vidalia, the
> old IP address seems to be rewritten in the config         file.
> Case2:
>    I set the two options RelayBandwithBurst and RelayBandwithRate, i
> didn't saw any difference in bandwith consuming or in speed.
>    I also noticed, that the two old options BandwithBurst and
> BandwithRate reappeared in the config file after i changed my
> Bandwidth to 100 kb/s and save that  in vidalia.         After
> reopening vidalia, the Bandwith was set to >1.5 mbps.
> Thanks for the great work on anonymity your doing, sorry for my bad
> english, and hope somebody can help.
> greetz Matt