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Strange behaviour of Tor Alpha & vidalia 0.0.12

Hi guys

I, i just changed my two Servers RMLAnonSrv1 and RMLAnonSrv2 from to Alpha and noticed some strange behaviour. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, these could also be vidalia bugs.

In case of a bandwidth upgrade from my ISP i had to restart my two cablemodems and therefore also my Tor's. Then i saw in the logs that that they didn't update their IP address to solve the problem i clicked the update button in vidalia which showed me my updated IP. But, after i saved, it wasn't written in the config, even if i edited it manually, saved the file and restarted tor & vidalia, the old IP address seems to be rewritten in the config file.

I set the two options RelayBandwithBurst and RelayBandwithRate, i didn't saw any difference in bandwith consuming or in speed. I also noticed, that the two old options BandwithBurst and BandwithRate reappeared in the config file after i changed my Bandwidth to 100 kb/s and save that in vidalia. After reopening vidalia, the Bandwith was set to >1.5 mbps.

Thanks for the great work on anonymity your doing, sorry for my bad english, and hope somebody can help.
greetz Matt