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Re: Strange behaviour of Tor Alpha & vidalia 0.0.12

On Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 09:50:27PM +0200, Matthieu Dalissier wrote:
> Case1:
>    In case of a bandwidth upgrade from my ISP i had to restart my two 
> cablemodems and therefore also my Tor's. Then i saw in the logs that 
> that they didn't update their IP         address to solve the problem i 
> clicked the update button in vidalia which showed me my updated IP.
>    But, after i saved, it wasn't written in the config, even if i 
> edited it manually, saved the file and restarted tor & vidalia, the old 
> IP address seems to be rewritten in the config         file.

As of 0.1.2.x, Tor guesses its own IP address automatically, and nobody
has described to me any cases where it's wrong, so I assume it is working
perfectly. ;)

In a future version of Vidalia, the "address" box, along with the button
to click, will disappear. Yay simpler interfaces.

(We may eventually add an 'Advanced' window to the server configuration
window in Vidalia, but I'm not sure right now what would go on it. All
advanced things right now are solved by requiring the user to know how
to edit a text file (easy) and to somehow know which file to edit (not
so easy).)

> Case2:
>    I set the two options RelayBandwithBurst and RelayBandwithRate, i 
> didn't saw any difference in bandwith consuming or in speed.
>    I also noticed, that the two old options BandwithBurst and 
> BandwithRate reappeared in the config file after i changed my Bandwidth 
> to 100 kb/s and save that  in vidalia.         After reopening vidalia, 
> the Bandwith was set to >1.5 mbps.

Vidalia 0.0.12 has no idea that the RelayBandwidth* config options
exist. In a future version of Vidalia, it will _only_ set RelayBandwidth*,
and never Bandwidth*, since this is what users actually mean when they
ask for rate limiting. (Especially if we can figure out what the bug is
that Fredzupy is reporting. :)

Hope that helps,