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Re: Cisco firewall filtering Tor?

On Jun 16, 2007, at 16:15:04, Cat Okita wrote:
On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Jay Goodman Tamboli wrote:
Subject: Cisco firewall filtering Tor?

I'm curious - why do you think it's a Cisco firewall?

When I first connect to the network, any HTTP requests are redirected to a login page, which used to say Cisco on it. That page has since been customized.

Is it possible the firewall is looking at the :443 connections and
somehow telling that it's Tor rather than HTTPS?

Well - the dump you posted shows that your connection is NATted - are
you using a VPN connection of some sort?

It's an open wireless network, and I connect to it and then have to login using a web browser. There does seem to be a NAT.

I'm also seeing that the tcp handshake to the selected Tor router works - but after that, you're sending off into space, and the connection is eventually terminated (on your side).

I presume that you're using the latest bundle for OSX?

I've tested with the latest stable and alpha bundle (the "expert" ones) as well as a compiled version from SVN (I've updated since then, so I don't know which it was I tested).

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