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Re: Problem with bandwidth

I saw that bandwidthburst is supposed to be the highest traffic that
Tor will use. That's not the problem. The first problem is that Tor
stays at that level, and does not drop down to the normal level.

The second problem is that Tor is advertising the higher rate, rather
than the maximum advertised rate.

BandwidthRate N bytes|KB|MB|GB|TB
   A token bucket limits the average incoming bandwidth usage on this
node to the specified number of bytes per second, and the average
outgoing bandwidth usage to that same value. (Default: 3 MB)

BandwidthBurst N bytes|KB|MB|GB|TB
   Limit the maximum token bucket size (also known as the burst) to
the given number of bytes in each direction. This value should be at
least twice your BandwidthRate. (Default: 6 MB)

MaxAdvertisedBandwidth N bytes|KB|MB|GB|TB
   If set, we will not advertise more than this amount of bandwidth
for our BandwidthRate. Server operators who want to reduce the number
of clients who ask to build circuits through them (since this is
proportional to advertised bandwidth rate) can thus reduce the CPU
demands on their server without impacting network performance.

Alright, so my Burst is not twice my Rate. I cannot manage twice the
minimum rate.
(Minimum rate is 20KB, twice that is larger than my physical upload speed.)

And, checking now, the outgoing bandwidth (system wide, but I'm only
using Tor and gmail right now) is between 29 and 31 KB/s.

On 6/20/07, M <maillist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Read the manual and documents from http://tor.eff.org. That is correct
and normal behavior.

Especially look for Bandwidthburst.


>I'm trying to find out what I'm doing wrong with bandwidth settings.
>In my torrc:
>BandwidthBurst 30000
>BandwidthRate 22000
>MaxAdvertisedBandwidth 20480
>However, Vidalia reports that my bandwidth is 27KB/s, ignoring the
>I'm seeing total outgoing traffic (system wide) of about 28-29KB/s
>when the system is idle but full of Tor. My normal upload limit is
>around 35KB/s.