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Re: [ANNOUNCE] ROCKate Tor LiveCD V0.4.0.0

On 20.06.2007 17:09:22, Benjamin Schieder wrote:
> The following search still stands:
> If some of you have a non-x86 machine and some CPU cycle to spare, I'd
> be happy to hand out information on compiling ROCKate. In theory, it _should_
> compile out of the box for sparc and PowerPC. In theory...

I have received some offers for this, thank you!
Here's the general way to do it:

First, get a copy of the subversion tree:
	# svn co svn://xsanr2oqmett7ovm.onion/rockate/trunk rockate-trunk

This will create a directory `rockate-trunk' with the latest codebase. Next,
run this command:
	# ./scripts/Config -cfg tor

You will be presented with an ncurses based configuration menu. You only have
to make changes in the uppermost block of options:

	Architecture: Select your CPU (and optional optimisations)
	Target: Select "tor"
	Retry building broken packages (check this)

Optionally (I suggest you do it) also select the option
"Stop building if a package build fails".

Then leave the menu and run these commands:
	# ./scripts/Download -cfg -required
	# ./scripts/Build-Target -cfg tor

The compile process will start and - probably - fail.
If the compile fails for the package blafasel, then the complete compile
output can be found in:

Here you can see why the problem fail. To make changes to the way the package
is built, edit the file target/tor/pkg_blafasel.conf and adjust it. Look in
the file package/*/blafasel/blafasel.conf to see how it is compiled right now.
Also, look into other *.conf files to get an idea of what you can do in these
files (it's a _lot_).

When you made your changes, run:
	# ./scripts/Cleanup -nocheck
	# ./scripts/Build-Target -cfg tor

Lather, rinse, repeat.
This is also documented on:

Unfortunately, I leave for Italy today and won't be online for the rest of
the month. But you can ask any questions you have in #rocklinux on freenode.
It's a low-traffic channel, so be patient and repeat the question every two
hours or so.

Thanks for your efforts and see you in July!

Go away, or I will replace you with a very small shellscript!

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