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[ANNOUNCE] ROCKate Tor LiveCD V0.4.0.0

Hi list.

I just put out ROCKate

Highlights of the release:
	- Installable to harddisk (YAY - Also, Ultimate version only)
	  The installation first tries to find an existing filesystem with a
	  menu.lst file in either /grub/menu.lst or /boot/grub/menu.lst and
	  asks to be added there.
	  If it can't find a menu.lst, it assumes a virgin systems and asks
	  if it should create a new grub configuration and be installed in the
	  Either case can be declined, but then you have to take care of
	  booting the installed system yourself.

	- Firefox included in Ultimate version
	  Includes the TorButton (1.1.2-alpha-dev), AdBlock and FlashBlock
	  Add-Ons. Configuration at:

	- update mechanism extended to allow post-install scripts

ISO Images available as usual at:

The following search still stands:
If some of you have a non-x86 machine and some CPU cycle to spare, I'd
be happy to hand out information on compiling ROCKate. In theory, it _should_
compile out of the box for sparc and PowerPC. In theory...

#!/bin/sh #!/bin/bash #!/bin/tcsh #!/bin/csh #!/bin/kiss #!/bin/ksh
#!/bin/pdksh #!/usr/bin/perl #!/usr/bin/python #!/bin/zsh #!/bin/ash

Feel at home? Got some of them? Want to show some magic?


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