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Re: [ANNOUNCE] ROCKate Tor LiveCD V0.4.0.0


> I already thought about encryption. I plan to use it for /home both in
> the live
> and in the installed version. Although, I never used truecrypt. As for
> now
> I use cryptsetup-luks to set up encryption.
> Also, IIRC truecrypt is proprietary. Does its license allow bundling?
> Redistribution? What about cross-platform compatibility?

I was talking about truecrypt.org but any way of mounting an encrypted
filesystem would be great.
I believe secure and anonymous browsing go along. If the authorities
raid a home of a Tor user in China who has visited uncensored websites
then he is in trouble if he wasn't able to safe the documents directly
to an encrypted container. After all surfing is about information
searching. One either stores it in one's head by reading the info on a
website or by storing it. A live Tor CD should be able to hide that a
site was accessed by allowing to save it in a secure place.

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