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Re: HTTP response is "Connection: close"

"Got Glint" <tlu0de302@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Sometimes when I perform an HTTP request via Tor, the response is
> "Connection: close" rather than the expected content. This happens
> intermittently, and with various sites. Does anyone know what causes
> this problem, and whether anything can be done about it? It's been
> annoying me for quite a while.
> I've experienced the issue with at least two clients: Opera and Wget.
> They both interpret the response body as a 21-byte string consisting of
> "Connection: close\r\n\r\n". Also, Wget says "200 No headers, assuming
> HTTP/0.9".
> Current software versions: Tor, Privoxy 3.0.6, Windows XP SP2.

This can happen with Privoxy versions before 3.0.7 and a server or
proxy before Privoxy that simply sends nothing. You should be able
to reliable reproduce it by using Tor's .noconnect special host name
(although it's a slightly different case).

As far as Privoxy is concerned, this has been fixed in:

However, this of course only replaces the confusing "Connection: close"
string with a more reasonable problem description. The real problem
happens earlier in the proxy chain and you still have to retry manually.

Like Andrew, I assume the real problem is a malfunctioning
intercepting proxy on the exit node, so there's little you
can do about it.


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