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Re: HTTP response is "Connection: close"

Juliusz Chroboczek <jch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > Like Andrew, I assume the real problem is a malfunctioning
> > intercepting proxy on the exit node, so there's little you can do
> > about it.
> I would rather blame it on a tor server that crashes or drops the
> connection.

It's my impression that the OP can detect that and throws a socks error.
If, however, there's a broken intercepting proxy it would explain
why the OP doesn't notice.

> WWIW, if Polipo can detect such a situation (either because we haven't
> reached the Content-Length the server declared, or because there was
> an unterminated chunk), it will refetch the object.

The responses in question are completely empty, there's not a
single HTTP header and of course the nothingness isn't chunked

I get the impression that Polipo forwards them as empty page
and puts some headers on top. At least I'm currently running
Privoxy->Polipo->Tor as default proxy chain and from time to
time I get empty pages that pass Privoxy's trivial no-data check.
Refreshing with CTRL+F5 usually results in the real page.

I neither verified that it's the same problem, nor did I check
how the requests look like before they reach Polipo or after
they are processed by it, but the symptoms would fit.


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