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Re: relay tidbits...

If in the United States,
pertains to you.

Nope, but I'm sure there is something similar where I am.

is there a case for maintaining a central repository of ip/username pairs from certain protocols (pop3, imap, ftp, whatever) emanating from exit nodes as a reference for admins in the case that access via tor to these accounts is prohibited/not advised.

No more than there is a case for the non-Tor Internet.  Tor transports
packets, what people use it for isn't up to you.  Interesting that
you're trying to assign morality to a protocol.

If I believe that the majority of POP3 traffic over tor is performed by unauthorised parties, and as an exit node admin I'm someway helping this access, then is there not a moral argument for exit node admins to detect the abuse of tor and alert the people affected? to go further, is there not a moral argument for this detection/alerting to be done by tor itself? in POP3's case the mail server administrator/security people might benefit from a resource that would tell them whether any of their assets are being abused using tor. as long as only specific identifiers are captured, with absolutely no personal details, I'd think a repository of this kind would help out a few people, and I don't see the
harm in doing so.

I'd be interested if people did see the harm.

Again, if this is detrimental to the project I'll stop the relay.